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So Choir Workplace Choirs – Work, Sing, Smile!

So Choir! brings super cool, fun, uplifting, turn-up-and-sing workplace choirs to your work AND are the BEST way to unwind and de-stress. Our exciting social office choirs are easygoing and flexible so can be structured to fit your work schedule, whether that’s at lunchtime or after hours.

Wellness & Wellbeing

The way we work has changed a lot in the last few decades and is continuing to do so. Technology has enabled processes and workflows to be to be streamlined and as a result our pace of life has increased dramatically. Naturally, people expect everything to happen faster and we, as human beings, try to keep up.

Physical & Mental Health

Recent studies have shown that many workers are taking average lunch breaks of just 15 minutes. The increasing pressure on office staff to spend long hours sat at a desk has been attributed to a steep rise in physical health issues and workplace depression. This is worrying and leads directly to poor workforce morale, decreased productivity and a tangible negative effect on relationships both in and out of the office. Despite this, many employers are slow to react or make no positive steps at all to offer their staff access to activities known to improve wellness and wellbeing.

We spoke to BBC Look North about this issue and they sent their reporter and cameras to check out our pioneering workplace choir at Wellington Place in Leeds. Checkout the video below!

Full blog post available HERE

Why singing?

Music is a defining feature of our human nature. It’s something we can all relate to and is a great leveller. As young children, we naturally respond to rhythms and melodies we hear, happily singing and boogieing away. Singing is as natural as speaking. We use pitch, timbre and rhythm to speak and communicate in the same basic way we do when we sing. We sing in the car, in the shower, on a night out, we LOVE to sing. It makes us feel good!

Singing Together & Happiness

Singing together, creating harmony, can be traced through every single civilisation in history. These days, we’re more likely to be belting out ‘Happy Birthday’ at a party, singing (or screaming!) along to our favourite song in the car, or letting out our inner Beyoncé in the shower. We now know that singing releases endorphins, known to be our brain’s ‘feel good’ chemicals.

Just like laughter, play and exercise – singing has a positive effect on our mental well-being and happiness. More specifically, singing with others has significant benefits to our mental health. Not only is it a creative outlet, but singing in a choir also provides opportunities to boost our social lives, reduce stress and depression levels, improve confidence, and create a feeling of togetherness.

In fact, in a recent study, the benefits were so apparent that there was a petition which called for choir singing to be issued on prescription! The petition came after new research by Oxford Brookes University in 2013 which studied the experiences felt by those who sang alone, sang in a choir, and were involved in team sports. Whilst all activities provided high levels of well-being, singing as part of a group stood out as having the most noticeable measurable effect.

It’s not just psychological benefits either. Singing has also been proven to have physical benefits, having been shown to reduce blood pressure and improve symptoms of Parkinson’s and COPD (lung disease).

Pioneering Workplace Choirs with So Choir!

At So Choir! we believe that singing is for everyone and it should be fun! We want people to feel the buzz of singing together, just like they would at their favourite gig or concert. Live instruments are the order of the day and we create our own unique harmony arrangements of cool, well known pop and rock hits. Our breadth of knowledge and experience in working with company choirs, means we will advise and support you in setting up a sensational choir at work.

A So Choir! workplace choir session gives employees a much needed escape from their desks and busy schedules – a chance to relax, unwind, and have fun with friends and colleagues. As an employer, you’ll benefit from happier and more engaged employees who are more motivated to contribute to the success of your organisation.

So Choir! Wellington Place Workplace Choir in Leeds singing outside on the grass and enjoying the sunshine
So Choir! Wellington Place Workplace Choir in Leeds enjoying some sunshine!

If you’d like to talk with us about workplace choirs and are interested in organising a fun, easy-going So Choir! session at your workplace, we’d love to hear from you!

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